Alex Renda

Grad Student @ MIT CSAIL
Programming Systems & Machine Learning

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @alex_renda_
GitHub: @alexrenda
LinkedIn: @alexrenda
Google Scholar: Alex Renda
Office: MIT 32G-738, Cambridge MA 02139


I'm interested in using machine learning as an abstraction to help write complex programs, with the goal of making it easier to write programs that are hard or even impossible to write by hand.

Here is a full CV.


July, 2021 Programming with Neural Surrogates of Programs accepted at Onward! 2021.
July, 2020 DiffTune: Optimizing CPU Simulator Parameters with Learned Differentiable Surrogates accepted at MICRO 2020.
June, 2020 I'm spending the summer at OctoML, working on reducing training time for neural network approximations.
April, 2020 Comparing Rewinding and Fine-tuning in Neural Network Pruning published at ICLR 2020. MIT News. IBM Research blog.



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